wędzonki kiełbasy podsuszane borowe masarnia wyroby podrobowe szynka z indyka
wędliny z tradycją
Mięso, wędliny Masarnia Konopiska
wędliny z tradycją
MASARNIA BOROWE - BOROWE Meat and Poultry Company The history of our company can be traced back to the year 1975. In order to maintain the family tradition our recipe was passed from generation to generation. It is the work of our lives created by drawing on our experience and unique recipes. As a result only for you, we produce traditional meat products with special flavor.

Gradually, we are building a widely known company in Poland and EU countries. We meet the contemporary needs of our consumers and cherish our tradition. What is more, we speeded up our production only for your comfort. We develop rapidly and widen our line of shops. We offer special lorries, trucks adjusted to transport meats, meat products and cured meats.

MASARNIA BOROWE is a company that states quality at first. We are attached to our strongest points which are family recipes and the best Polish kind of meat, that is constantly monitored by the system HACCP.

We are Polish company which offers only healthy and tasty meat. We guarantee that at every stage of production our meat products are controlled for your safety.

Therefore, our company equals the best quality and taste